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Pressing On

by Jerk

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Jerk is the brainchild of composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Kinney. He began playing the saxophone around ten and producing beats around fifteen, studying jazz at Purchase College under the guidance of musicians like Jon Faddis, Charles Blenzig, Gary Smulyan, and Ralph Lalama. Though studying music performance, he kept up with producing and began working with lyricists. Searching for the connection between producing beats and playing jazz is how Jerk was conceived.

From 2017 to 2018, Jerk independently released a trio of EPs (Pink, Yellow, and Green) and performed extensively both as a solo act and with a full band. In 2019, Jerk joined the roster of London, UK independent label DeepMatter.

- - - -

A press is a simple mechanism. You place an object on its platform, pull the lever, the lever moves a gear, the gear moves a ram, and the ram strikes the object on the platform. Variations of it have been used to manufacture everything from newspapers to bearings.

“In August of 2018, I found myself sitting at a workbench with a press. I recently graduated from a music conservatory. Having confirmed my hesitations about the traditional working musician’s path, I got a job assembling electronic components for guitars. I needed to pay the bills, and I needed routine. The first two weeks were spent sitting at the same workbench doing the same task with the same tools. I had never done anything like that. It gave me time to think - I listened to albums all day, drank coffee, and genuinely enjoyed working with my hands. When I left work I was able to do what I wanted to. I started playing the guitar again, I composed incessantly, and I started producing again. I was reminded of why I loved making music. This beat tape is the product of that experience. By surrendering the preconceived notion of what I thought my career should be and simply focusing on taking care of myself, I rediscovered why I create, and I like to think it made my art genuine.”


released November 8, 2019

Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard.
Jean Matthieu Carvin - Keyboard.
Taylor Burgess - Vocals.

First Cup:
Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer.
Jean Matthieu Carvin - Keyboard.

Clock In :
Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone.
Carey Ozmun - Trumpet.

Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass.

Clock Out:
Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard, Saxophone.
Carey Ozmun - Trumpet.
Jean Matthieu Carvin - Keyboard.
Taylor Burgess - Vocals.

Persistence (feat. Truth City):
Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard.
Ronald Leon Evans (Truth City) - Lyricist, Vocals, Featured Artist.

Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard, Bass, Saxophone.
Carey Ozmun - Trumpet.
Taylor Burgess - Vocals.

Shut Eye:
Joshua Kinney - Songwriter/Composer, Producer, Keyboard.
Taylor Burgess - Vocals.

Mixing Engineer - Joshua Kinney
Mastering Engineer - Jeremy Kinney
Album Cover - Joshua Kinney


all rights reserved



Jerk Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn's moodiest jazz hip hop project.

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Track Name: Persistence (feat TruthCity)
What's success without persistence
What's love without commitment
Surviving, grinding, gotta own your time and stay consistent
Ain't nothing instant
Stay optimistic
Give your all just to say you did it
Higher living, yea (2x)

Higher living, yea

Too strong, my spirit too calm
Exerted effort
That's the difference between the niggas that want it and those who get it
Living fearless, got a golden aura
Skin as think as armor
I'ma soldier, always strive and conquer
That's how I was brought up
Keep going, only the strong prevail
Its easy to persist when things are going well
But not when shit gets harder
You can't skip the process
Minor set back for major comeback
We been there done that
All I got is drive, look in my eyes
Nigga fuck making a living
This is purpose, you walk by and feel it
Go to sleep and dream about it, wake up, gotta get it, uh
We find a way, you find excuses
We work, you talk about it, we don't talk, we just do it
My determination exceeds doubt
Weak niggas we weed out
Repeated failures, dead ends, we made it out
Last stroke of the hammer, it broke the stone
That hating just made me strong
Might bend but we dont' no fold
Motivation got us started, habits got us going
I'm my own opponent, moving militant
Relying on my discipline
If nothing else, I got myself, a legend's time is infinite
Never proud to ask for help, a luxury I was gifted with
Keep moving forward, I know it seem bad
Me , you know I said what I wanted and I achieved that
Always, I'm addicted to learning, receiving feedback
Desire burning, doubt me, I love it. Deep down I need that
I know success ain't common, I know the hood economics
I know some won't make it out it, tear when I think about it
But I know God and logic
Grind and let the spirits guide us
Passion, will and thirst for knowledge got me through the pain and trauma
I built myself, fuck riches, we wanted wealth
Mentors, they built me forward, ain't no highways to success
Fuck stress, we way to blessed,
Fuck death, if heaven take me it's gon be in something fresh
Just make sure my suit pressed
Bottom line, build and grind, world is mine, uh
Free your mind, see the signs, through your third eye
Gonna shine, give it time, you got time, uh
Just make sure you're ready when the stars align, uh

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